21 October 2009


Thanks to all of you who have visited me and your kind feedback into my chat box... I have to remove it due to some reason..... I supposed it must be one of those kids who have left immature remarks on my chat box... which could mislead to others ...therefore it's time to say goodbye to the chat box.


27 March 2009


Some pictures which I managed to capture last week on our visit there...wow panas bah d Lagud Seberang ne...

26 March 2009

Lost In The Fifties Tonight (Paladius' version)

Another beautiful song from Ronnie Milsap. One of his pianists has contacted me recently and told me that he has been with Ronnie for 22 years now - at first I didn't really believe him but he assured me later on. No really big deal at all but I find it amazing when he managed to track my recording which I posted into the youtube...hehehe... :)

If Ever You're In My Arms Again (paladius' version)

A song which was requested by a friend, this song happened to be her love song ever according to her...

16 March 2009


A trip to Mahua waterfall
16 Mac 2009

Ungkok (friend) Upik @Jinuin (student), Man (student)

Upik, Nit, Ungkok

Upik, Nit, Man
Nit, Upik, Man
Man, Upik, Nit

My students and I