21 October 2009


Thanks to all of you who have visited me and your kind feedback into my chat box... I have to remove it due to some reason..... I supposed it must be one of those kids who have left immature remarks on my chat box... which could mislead to others ...therefore it's time to say goodbye to the chat box.


27 March 2009


Some pictures which I managed to capture last week on our visit there...wow panas bah d Lagud Seberang ne...

26 March 2009

Lost In The Fifties Tonight (Paladius' version)

Another beautiful song from Ronnie Milsap. One of his pianists has contacted me recently and told me that he has been with Ronnie for 22 years now - at first I didn't really believe him but he assured me later on. No really big deal at all but I find it amazing when he managed to track my recording which I posted into the youtube...hehehe... :)

If Ever You're In My Arms Again (paladius' version)

A song which was requested by a friend, this song happened to be her love song ever according to her...

16 March 2009


A trip to Mahua waterfall
16 Mac 2009

Ungkok (friend) Upik @Jinuin (student), Man (student)

Upik, Nit, Ungkok

Upik, Nit, Man
Nit, Upik, Man
Man, Upik, Nit

My students and I


10 February 2009


Found this at Tagged. Kinda crazy but really entertaining!! :)

8 February 2009

My first cover version on Sing Snap

Hahahah... this is the first song I recorded at SingSnap.com. It was recorded on Dec 4th, 2007. I had no idea on how to record into this site at that time.. alamak...I had no sound mixer too :(

Teruk2 pun kawan2 omputi sia ne baik ati juga mengomen...hehehe...

About 1 year ago, junerae said:
You're doing great,dear.I'm new on here myself,and I'm just feeling my way around.Loved watching you on camera.Real emotion in your singing,and that's fantastic.Shineon is here,and so is Paladon.Looking around for more of the gang.Luv to you.

About 1 year ago, shineon said:
lol Nor do I.....but oh how I love this song too...what are you doing to me boy...you are bringing out my slushy sentimental side... lol This is sooooo very beaut....xxx big cuddle to you ...You are looking sweet and handsome...:)) thanks for singing for us..

About 1 year ago, shineon said: Love the cam :))

About 1 year ago, Janette said:

About 1 year ago, midnight_rocker said:
WTG Pala!! .......A STAR IS BORN IN SINGSNAP!!.............From me, Mr. Midnight.....you'll know me when you listen to my song :))

About 1 year ago, HootinNannyGOLD said:
WOW! What an awesome voice!!! WOW! WOW! Love this! I'm visiting familiar names from the "other site". I hope we can be friends. This is absolutely wonderful! 5***** Trying to get used to this new site. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :-)

About 1 year ago, DougSingsGOLD said:
Awesome sing Paladius, as always. I really loved this; it's such a great song and you did it magnificently mf. You are not only a brilliant vocalist you are a great performer too and the projection of the emotion you give to your songs is great to watch. Be well mdf. Doug

My most voted cover version at Sims on Stage

Rate this performance at The Sims On Stage

A song entitled LADY - O.A Kenny Rogers

Created: Nov 25, 2007
Score: 838
Plays: 357
Feedback: 206

Before I joined the Singsnap.com I was at Sims On Stage, Joining my worldwide friends singing at the Karaoke on the net. All I had that time was only a mic and speakers. Hehehe...

21 January 2009


These pictures were taken two weeks ago. Thanks to my fellow teacher friends for their efforts and wonderful talents in making this shooting successfully. You guys rock.

Courtesy of Mr. Fadzly

Courtesy of Mr. Sazali J

Courtesy of Mr. Sheikayat

Courtesy of Mr. Fairuz the Iron Man

14 January 2009


I just love everything about it - can't describe the feeling - when you work so hard and it pays and your deserve it.....

Courtesy of Mr. Mazlan..nice angle..and a pro!!! bravo - thank you so much...